Pelican FAQ

"When can I pick up my cart?"

The Pelican Golf Cart LSV will reach the address you specify by 4 PM on the day you arrive.

"How long can I go on a full battery?"

With a full charge, you'll have an hour and thirty minutes of continuous driving capability before needing to recharge your vehicle's battery.

"How long does it take to recharge?"

It will take approximately 8 hours for a complete recharge.

"Can I drive the Pelican Golf Cart off of the island?"

Renters are prohibited from driving the golf cart on roads with speed limits exceeding 35 mph. Additionally, renters are not allowed to traverse island bridges or transport carts via ferry.

"How fast can a Pelican Golf Cart LSV travel?"

The golf cart's speed is limited to 24 miles per hour in accordance with state regulations.